Alleviate stress and negative working environments

Poor acoustics and high noise levels can cause a stressful and negative working environment. But when the acoustics of a room are softened, the room’s atmosphere is pleasant and creates a more tranquil setting. Beautiful artwork and the right balance of acoustic conditions and noise reduction, can in turn, improve the working environment and simultaneously increase productivity so that the working day becomes more efficient and comfortable.

Brand new technology for beautiful, sound-absorbing art

Perhaps you have seen acoustic panels that were harsh and unattractive, but sound-absorbing solutions don’t have to be unsightly. We have developed a technique whereby you can have a beautiful painting, which at the same time, effectively dampens noise and absorbs echo that would otherwise bounce around the room.

A simple way to create great acoustics

We can assist you through the entire process of acoustic dampening. We can help you with analysis, make suggestions for great acoustic solutions and produce, deliver and mount beautiful paintings that absorb noise effectively.

Why is the room so noisy?

Poor acoustics are due to the fact that you have a number of smooth surfaces reflecting the sound and bouncing it back into the room, causing unwanted echo and reverberation. Acoustic dampening is about soaking up the noise so that it is not reflected back, but absorbed. The sound is like a rubber ball that bounces back when it hits a wall, unless it is caught by effective acoustic art.

Akustikforbedring og støjdæmpning i kantine

Noise reduction

When there are lots of people in a room, a lot of noise is created through conversation and movement, for example, cutlery, plates and chairs in a canteen. The situation becomes worse as people compensate by raising their voices to be heard. Most people have experienced a noisy canteen, where one can hardly hear what your colleagues are saying

In todays office space, many staff sit with headphones on to get peace and quiet. This can create a new kind of isolated office booth environment that does not match the original intention of collaboration in an open office landscape. In an effort to resolve the issue, companies often use acoustic regulating ceiling panels mounted in a suspended ceiling. They are anonymous, and can be a good way to help noise reduction, but they are often not enough to create a good sound environment. When there are numerous people in a room, you can adjust the acoustics and dampen the noise by using sound-absorbing paintings.

Noise reduction and better acoustics in office environments

In spaces with high ceilings, companies often try to achieve sound damping through mounting acoustic panels suspended below the ceiling. This can have a positive effect on softening the sound reverberating around, but doesn’t necessarily enhance the charm of a high ceilinged room. If it should also be aesthetically pleasing, we can hang acoustic panels and decorate them with beautiful art, so you can create really good acoustic conditions.

We have lots of experience with acoustic panels and know exactly how to get the best effect from them, where and how they should be hung or attached.

Good advice for noise-absorbing acoustics

Sound expert Julian Treasure recounts in this TED-talk the consequences of poor acoustics in schools, hospitals, offices and other workplaces. In his lecture he also gives good advice on what you can do to improve the working environment and general well-being.

Noise reduction in digital office environments

The latest research shows that noise impairs communication, health and efficiency, because most of us work in modern, digital office environments, switching between physical contact, digital contact and mobile communication with colleagues and customers.

It can be very difficult to immerse oneself and fully concentrate on a task when we are exposed to noise from our surroundings.

Many have experienced that they are much more efficient and better at solving larger tasks, that require concentration, when working from home. Similarly, when they can work in small side offices, work alone or have virtual meetings without distracting noise from the surroundings. But small offices are very expensive and can make us feel isolated and hinder cooperation between colleagues.

It is important to create work spaces where it is possible to concentrate on the task in hand. This can be achieved by simply furnishing offices with acoustic art. Noise reduction doesn’t have to be dull and unattractive, it can be subtly combined to create better aesthetics using noise-absorbing materials with beautiful and exciting art. It has an immediate and positive effect on job satisfaction, teamwork, health and efficiency.