Jan Wessel’s art is very versatile and covers a broad-spectrum. He works with paintings, prints, light boxes and sculptures. His art is not completely abstract, but neither is it a depiction of reality. His artistic universe is populated by recognisable beings in environments that are uncommon. Jan Wessel’s art has been described as Pop art, fabulous, picturesque, dark and playful. His art is decorative and graphic with clear traces of his long-standing work as a set designer at many of the country’s best theatres.

Jan Wessel and art exhibitions

Jan Wessel's works have, through many years of artistic endeavour, been exhibited at numerous art exhibitions in Denmark and abroad including the

Luxembourg Art Fair,
Edinbourgh Art Fair,
Amsterdam Art Fair,
Stockholm Art Fair,
London Art Fair,
Bristol Art Fair,
Brussel Art Fair,
Art Herning
and countless other art fairs and art exhibitions.

Jan Wessels Corporate Art

Jan Wessel has put together an impressive catalogue of pieces at a variety of companies and public institutions, both outdoors and indoors. One of the most striking is the huge mural on Frankrigshuse in Copenhagen.

He has also impressed with work at Copenhagen Airport, the Court House of Herning in Denmark, the Association of Danish Law Firms in Copenhagen, Nykredit Bank, ATP, Statens Serum Institut at the Danish Ministry of Health, Nordisk Film and many others.