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Julie Nord belongs at the top of Danish contemporary art and is one of Denmark’s most pre-eminent contemporary artists. She graduated in 2001 from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and has been successful with her visual art ever since. She creates her artwork with ink, watercolours, pencils and crayons. Many of her works are incredibly detailed.

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Julie Nord


73.5cm x 55cm
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Julie Nord

Mother mouse

55cm x 40cm

Julie Nord and the combination of reality and imagination

Julie Nord's works of art are easy to recognise as she has her own unique way of creating visual art, a mixture of sweet, cozy, graceful and friendly drawings with a twist of adventure and eeriness. Horror films, pop art and psychedelic aspects can create a fascinating and dynamic experience for the viewer and often gives an unavoidable association to Alice in Wonderland.

Family idyll

Julie Nord is known for her drawings of girls with big, beautiful eyes, monsters and demons, and depicting the cracks in suburban idyll. It's good, it's graceful, it's intimate and yet there is something wrong in the picturesque house. Are the people engulfed in the surroundings, or have they surreal qualities that express their inner emotional life? There are unknown dangers, feelings and relationships in Julie Nord's art. And yet her works of art seem cozy, imaginative and comfortable. Julie Nord's work makes reference to the recognisable, to relationships in families and the complexities of childhood and adolescence. We feel comfortable with her art and would like to have it in our own homes.

Julie Nords portraits

Julie Nord's portraits stay within the well-known classic styles, often in an oval shape, reminiscent of old-fashioned portraits. You see the face, and in some cases the torso, shoulders and neck. But also in the portraits, the background is an important part of the artwork, which creates the basis for interpretations of the meaning of the work itself. The portrait is often a beautiful image that is neither realistic nor unrealistic, but rather shows the personality or the loss of personality.

Julie Nord and other artists

Julie Nord has participated in group exhibitions with, among others, Al Masson, Anette Abrahamsson, Ann Lislegaard, Asbjørn Skou, Camilla Berner, Cathrine Raben Davidsen, Christian Lemmerz, Ferdinand Ahm Krag, Fie Norsker, HuskMitNavn, Morten Schelde and Thorgej Steen Hansen.

Julie Nord and MBK meeting rooms

Julie Nord's artworks have been a significant part of MBK Conference Center from the start. Her beautiful, artistic drawings fit well with our principle that we do our best. Her works of art are extremely popular with our guests.