The quality of Masaki Yada’s paintings is extremely high. One can clearly see that he has based his style on the old masters such as Rembrandt and Leonardo da Vinci, but at the same time he is inspired by pop art and modern art. He is a really talented painter, who makes a huge effort and spends months on each painting. He never compromises on quality. His paintings are truly innovative, original and genuine. You clearly sense the artist’s strokes and touch in everything he produces.

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Masaki Yada grew up in Japan, graduated from the Chelsea College of Arts in London and he currently lives and works in Prague.

His paintings are very modern but inspired by the traditional European painting styles.

Masaki Yada's paintings are characteristic because of his ability to blend being a skilled craftsman and simultaneously a creative artist, alongside the combination of being a Japanese artist with a love of aesthetics and a fascination with European artistic masterpieces.

Masaki Yada grew up in Japan at a time when it was a cultural norm to merge into the crowd, and not express one's own opinion or individuality. You were expected to study hard at school, get a stable, anonymous job until a tranquil retirement. Masaki Yada's art is a clash with this monotonous, self-effacing attitude to life and work.