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Michael Kvium has created his own unique style applying the ugly, grotesque, strange and taboo in the human world. Nevertheless, he is one of Denmark’s most famous and admired artists, because he is humorous, has created his own style and is a really skilled artisan and artist. Michael Kvium graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art in Copenhagen and has previously worked as a caricaturist.

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Michael Kvium


11cm x 11cm

Michael Kviums paintings

Michaels Kvium's paintings are often described as either grotesque, humorous or weird. There is usually a narrative element in the paintings and it's not the picturesque and beautiful that Michael Kvium depicts in his paintings. Rather, he is an artist who portrays human weaknesses and folly. The works often depict a dreamy scene or rather a nightmare, and are often innocent and beautiful in their fun and absurd artistic expression.

The body in Michael Kvium's paintings

Michael Kvium does not beautify the human body, but often shows and reinforces the decay, the transience and the unfamiliarity of human bodies. Facial features and deformed body parts appear in grotesque and caricature forms. He creates a strong connection between the work and the viewer. You are immediately encouraged to reflect on, and relate to, your own vanity, body, age and identity when you see his paintings. When you see Michael Kvium's paintings, you see a tendency to reshape and beautify the body, which seems comical and acts as an escape from the awareness of matters of life and death. Age and bodily decay are also a symbol of experience, life wisdom and mental development.

Harmony, botox and plastic surgery

Michael Kvium's work questions the obsession with botox and plastic surgery, which often leads to a distorted, lifeless and grotesque appearance. The fear of old age and death is symbolised by the body's decay, which is portrayed in his paintings, showing no beautification or artificial denial of reality. Michael Kvium's paintings call for an awareness in life of the here and living in the moment.

Social media and Michael Kvium's art

Michael Kvium work predates social media, but one could almost believe that his art challenges the self-obsession prevalent in social media, where people attempt to show an image of themselves that does not always correspond with reality. Most people tend to post only their best situations and the nicest pictures on social media, creating an idyllic image of themselves and their own lives. Michael Kvium opposes this tendency to distort reality. He creates sincere art.

Michael Kviums exhibitions

Michael Kvium has collaborated with other famous artists such as Christian Lemmerz. Michael Kvium has exhibited at countless of the best museums and galleries such as ARoS - Aarhus Art Museum, Ordrupgaard Museum, Horsens Art Museum and ARKEN Museum of Modern Art.