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Sussi Trampedach’s paintings and lithographs are quite unique and well known among most Danes. Her works of art are both fine, friendly and appealing with people wearing beautiful clothes that protect them from the outside world.

Sussi Trampedach is the daughter of the extremely famous artist Kurt Trampedach and it is evident in her paintings that the talent has been passed down from one generation to the next.

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Sussi Trampedach


64cm x 45cm

Modern Danish visual art

Sussi Trampedach produces both oil paintings and lithographs.

She is part of the modern Danish visual arts movement, where the abstract is blended with the figurative, and human existence has a focus in the artwork. Her father, Kurt Trampedach, was one of the most famous and innovative artists of modern Danish art in the last century, and Sussi Trampedach has started this century with impactful art to great acclaim from all who see it.

Virtually all Danes like her art and can readily identify with the characters in her paintings.